The Six Dogs Journey

It began, as so many good things do, in the most humble way: a shed normally used to house our six dogs and an old copper geyser converted into a still. From there the dream unfolded to make a Gin that would make a difference in the local craft distillery industry. Distiller Charles Bryant was soon joined by his brother Glenn and friend Luigi Marucchi who shared the desire to create something really special. When it came to the still, we decided to re-invent the wheel by custom-designing a traditional copper still to our precise specifications. Our research into molecular distillation revealed that some of the delicate botanicals would be better preserved by being distilled under vacuum and blended later. What started off as an exploration of technology and botany evolved into a passion – and that’s how Six Dogs Karoo Gin came into the world. With the launch of Karoo Gin, our goal is to share with you our excitement and to offer you something truly creative and different. One batch at a time.

By chance, whilst traveling through Indonesia, we stumbled upon the Blue Pea flower (Clitoria Ternatea)  and this led our second gin, Six Dogs Blue. We humbly live our journey with excitement and passion, one batch at a time.



Honorary Brand Ambassadors

In our journey, so many people have reached out to us in so many ways. We are very grateful for this help, advice and support. There are also those who have gone far beyond the limits of helping us spread the love of Six Dogs, asked nothing in return and continually amaze us with their unselfish energy in promoting our brand. We wish to recognise their support by including them in our family of Six Dogs as Honorary Brand Ambassadors.

  1. Shorts Dewes
  2. Peer Ieul
  3. Fran Molloy
  4. Duds Connock